Wild American Shilajit Sample Pack

Wild American Shilajit Sample Pack


Indigenous American Adaptogen > 22% Fulvic Acid

Save 5 to 15% when you try our Wild American Shilajit in both the concentrated Mineral Resin and Mineral Solution forms...

Combo Pack Includes:

༄ 1 bottle of Shilajit Solution

༄ 1 miron violet glass jar of Shilajit Resin


༄ Jing & Qi Tonic, Ancient Adaptogen ༄

This special and rare mineral supplement is refined from a fulvic acid rich phytocomplex mineral resin (commonly known as shilajit) wildcrafted from pristine mountains in North America. Handmade in small batches and expertly purified, our Wild American Shilajit provides a unique spectrum of natural ionic minerals, triterpenes, antioxidants, and other micronutrients in a super bioavailable form.


Long revered for its supremely revitalizing and adaptogenic properties, Shilajit is recognized as one of the most nourishing and life enhancing substances on Earth.  In Ayurveda, it is called the “Destroyer of Weakness,” and is honored globally as a Tonic of the highest order.


Shilajit has been recognized as a powerful medicine for thousands of years. Learn more about Shilajit's historical uses here.


Our wildcrafted American shilajit has a truly unique flavor arising from the terroir of the pristine mountains from which it was harvested. Much like Himalayan shilajit, it has a deep earthy taste with bitter overtones, and our indigenous American variety also has salty notes and a subtly sweet aftertaste.

Our Wild American Shilajit Mineral Resin is more concetrated than our liquid Wild American Shilajit Solution. Many people like the Solution, as it's liquid dropper makes it easy to does with. Our resin is similar to the consistency of fresh honey, and it's also very easy to use. Simply dab a knife or spoon with a rice or bean sized amount. Mix Shilajit into any non-chlorinated liquid, or enjoy straight.

Wild American Shilajit is a pristine and rare concentrate of primordial earth essence, providing greatly needed nutrients to our bodies.  In these times we are perpetually exposed to environmental toxins though the water we drink, food we eat, and air we breathe, Wild American Shilajit can be a powerful ally in helping cleanse unwanted toxins from our system, while also replenishing our vital essence to promote vibrant and radiant health. It is a versatile tool in the holistic approach to health and wellness, and we pray it enhances your path to vitality!


At Cintamani Tonics, we pride ourselves on providing our clients clean, pure, and potent herbal tonics for therapeutic results. Please contact us if you're interested in Certificates of Analysis or bulk ordering information.


Ingredients:  Pure Wildcrafted American Shilajit Resin.
Suggested Use:  1 small dab (rice grain sized amount) in non-chlorinated water 1 - 2 times daily.


10ml Solution  Dropper + 3g Resin Jar = 40 servings total (save 5%)

30ml Solution  Dropper + 5g Resin Jar = 120 servings total (save 10%)

30ml Solution  Dropper + 10g Resin Jar = 180 servings total (save 15%)


Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and if you have personally benefited from this supplement, we would love to hear about your experience!


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