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Shilajit: Ayurveda & Science today

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Shilajit is a rare mineral pitch resin that has been recognized as a powerful medicine for thousands of years, and in the Ayurvedic tradition it is believed to be a complete panacea (cure all). This black mineral resin is considered a supreme Rasayana or rejuvenator (India's term for Tonic), and is recognized by science today as one of the 8 authentic and primary adaptogenic substances in existence. Revered for it's nootropic qualities, shilajit is also known as an Ayurvedic Medyha Rasayana meaning "rejuvenator of intellect." Shilajit is about as rare as uranium, and is found at high elevations in many mountain ranges between 2,000-14,000 feet. It is a black tar-like yet water-soluble mineral compound that exudes from steep cliffs. Inedible in its raw form, Shilajit must be carefully processed and purified in order to access the profound medicinal constituents it offers.

What is this unique substance made of?

Many theories have been postulated, but most scientists agree that Shilajit and its raw mountain mineral pitch resins are distinct from mineral tar in that they are from wholly herbaceous, organic origins (water-soluble compounds, not hydrocarbons). Shilajit is believed to be primarily composed of prehistoric humified plant life, potentially millions of years old. Some researchers think Shilajit could contain minerals and soluble oils from decomposed marine invertebrates. Others postulate that the resin develops from ancient deposits of plant latex from the cactus species, Euphorbia royleana, while others believe liverworts and mosses may be the original organic source.

This prehistoric life has been fully broken down and humified within layers of rock to render a uniquely bioavailable mineral and Fulvic/Humic acid complex. Fulvic and Humic acids are powerful antioxidants and long-chain nutient transporter molecules that are a crucial part of soil health. For more information about Fulvic acid, check out this blog article.

Shilajit is almost like an ancient multi-vitamin, featuring broad spectrum micro-nutrients including ionic trace minerals (85 or more), unique amino acids, antioxidants, humic substances, and fulvic acid. It has adaptogenic multi-directional functions, nourishing the body on a foundational level, detoxing cellular wastes, all while modulating blood chemistry, improving circulation, and enhancing the absorption of other herbs and supplements. Only Shilajit offers a proportionate perfection of beneficial compounds synergistically paired with instant bioavailability. There is literally no other substance like it in existence, and due to the lengthy process of its creation and its ecological rarity, we must use it responsibly to ensure it is available for future generations.

What kind of health benefits is Shilajit known for?

Essentially, it is a prime adaptogen with harmonizing and regulating properties, providing the body with a comprehensive profile of bioavailable ionic minerals, amino acids, and a host of antioxidants including fulvic and humic acids.

Shilajit's Benefits

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