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Cintamani Formulations

Wish Fulfilling Formulas intended to help you achieve ever increasing levels of Vitality and Radiance

As a tonic herbalist I have been extremely fortunate to craft many different life enhancing herbal elixirs for a wide variety of people.  It is a true gift to observe these blends produce profound results in the lives of others, and the beneficial impact has deeply encouraged me to continue avidly pursuing this work.


Over the years I have noticed recurring threads of health challenges that people request I formulate for.  After seeing many of my blends truly make a difference, I decided to offer them to the general public.  I have chosen  to cover some the the main issues that I see people faced with.  Low Immunity, Anxiety, and Overall Depletion. 

Each of the Cintamani Formulations are created using Tao Di and organically grown herbs, which have been third party laboratory tested to ensure that they are absolutely, positively, verifiably clean.  The Herbal Extracts within the formulas are powdered 10:1 Hot Water Extracts, and powdered Dual Extracts which can be rehydrated into tea by adding 1/4 to 1 teaspoon directly into 8 oz warm water. They can also be encapsulated, mixed into foods and smoothies.


These tonic elixirs are intended to produce transformational results, and therefore contain high concentrations of the most potent tonic herbs of the Chinese and Ayurvedic Traditions. These herbs are extremely powerful, and a little bit goes a very long way.


We truly hope and pray that these herbal formulas produce significant and positive

results in your life, and that of your loved ones.

~ DJ Ankenbrandt

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