The Cintamani Difference

Verified Purity

The Cintamani Apothecary legitimately contains some of the highest quality tonic herbal extracts currently available on the market.  Every herb is Certified Organic or Beyond Organically grown, and has been laboratory tested to ensure they provide the purity and integrity that we are All seeking.  As an herbalist with a consulting practice, it is incredibly important for me to offer herbs to clients that will be completely and fully beneficial, without adverse effects from contaminants.  After years of being unsatisfied with the quality of herbs available on the market, it became apparent that I needed to do something to change that, and thus Cintamani Tonics was born.  This extract company was created out of necessity, a necessity for all people to have access to premium grade, verifiably clean, holistically nourishing tonic herbal extracts.


Freshness Guaranteed

When you purchase Cintamani Tonics you can have full confidence that these herbs are very fresh and will maintain potency for a significant amount of time.  We do not purchase these herbs from a warehouse in the US, China, or India.  We contract the producers in China and India to craft the herbs specifically for Cintamani Tonics.  The Certified Organic cooperatives will then source the raw material and create the tonic extracts.  Once the processing is complete the herbs are shipped directly to me.  This allows for a certain freshness that is not generally available, and also ensures the potency and efficacy of the herbs.


Enhanced Potency

Cintamani Tonics exclusively carries 10:1 (or stronger) powdered extracts and dual extracts created in China and India.  "10:1" describes the concentration level of the extract ~ meaning our extracts are 10 times more powerful than raw herb powders, delivering therapeutic dosages and benefits.  In the long run, these extracts tend to be significantly more cost effective than herb powders, and also more effective in their life-enhancing actions. Our Medicinal Mushroom line features strictly pure fruiting body extracts to convey the full intelligence of the mature mushroom. No mycelium powders here. And all our mushroom extracts are standardized to contain at least 30% polysaccharides, delivering verifiable potency for maximum benefit.  


Water Soluble Powdered Extracts

Most of the extractions are created with a hot water method.  Essentially, a very large and concentrated tea is brewed using giant pressure cookers.  Many of the tonic herbs are roots or barks, and need to be cooked to allow the specific beneficial compounds to be drawn out from all the woody fiber.  This herb fiber is then removed from the tea, and all of the water is evaporated, leaving behind the purely water-soluble components of the herbs in powder form.  Our Dual Extracted Mushrooms are taken through a second extraction in which the mushroom fruits are tinctured in organic grain alcohol, the alcohol and water solutions are combined, and the solvents are evaporated, creating a broad spectrum powdered dual extract. These extracts are basically instant tea powders that offer great versatility and ease of consumption. Simply add a teaspoon to hot water and you have a perfectly concentrated tea. And since there are no fillers nor excipients, the herbs are super easy to absorb and digest.

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