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You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist Podcast

July, 2023

Ancient herbal wisdom for modern wellness and mental health with Jen and DJ Ankenbrandt.

AlchemiCulture TonicHerb DJ.png

The Alchemi-Culture Podcast

July, 2021

Dive deep with DJ and Phoenix into Classical Chinese Medicine, tonic herb history, polypores, decoctions, wild-harvesting, & more!

AlchemiCulture North American Shilajit DJ Ankenbrandt.png

The Alchemi-Culture Podcast

June, 2021 

Join best buds, DJ & Phoenix as they discuss all things Shilajit; it's uses, history, magic, plus the backstory of how they together created the market for North American Shilajit. 

International Angels Network Podcast.png

International Angels Network

SEPT, 2018

Herbalist DJ Ankenbrandt discusses Vitality and Longevity with Tonic Herbs.


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