Tonic Herbs for weight loss?


"What herb or combination of tonic herbs do you suggest for weight loss?" ~ Herb


At Cintamani Tonics, we feel that “Weight Loss” is a very personal health journey and requires a customized approach that includes diet, exercise, toxin elimination, and supplemental herbal support. We feel that balanced and holistic weight management is the result of fine tuning one’s lifestyle and metabolic habits. Ultimately, attaining a healthy weight is not so much a goal, but a byproduct of balanced living.

Healthy ideal weight for an individual's size and constitution is somewhat variable, and is a very personal experience. While everyone's abilities or stage of life may differ, when we are in a healthy weight range, we tend to exhibit healthy vital signs such as balanced blood sugar, healthy cholesterol, and healthy blood pressure. When we are within our ideal weight range, we tend to feel naturally energized, capable of accomplishing our work and daily tasks without strain or discomfort, and we have plenty of energy left over. We tend to sleep better, and experience fewer aches and pains in general because we are not experiencing the chronic inflammation so often associated with toxic lifestyles. We also tend to experience fewer health challenges on the whole, because our body is efficiently processing energy, and our elimination pathways are clear. Efficient elimination allows us to detox daily all the environmental toxins we encounter, as well as the naturally occurring cellular wastes that accumulate from metabolic processes.