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Tonic Herbs for weight loss?


"What herb or combination of tonic herbs do you suggest for weight loss?" ~ Herb


At Cintamani Tonics, we feel that “Weight Loss” is a very personal health journey and requires a customized approach that includes diet, exercise, toxin elimination, and supplemental herbal support. We feel that balanced and holistic weight management is the result of fine tuning one’s lifestyle and metabolic habits. Ultimately, attaining a healthy weight is not so much a goal, but a byproduct of balanced living.

Healthy ideal weight for an individual's size and constitution is somewhat variable, and is a very personal experience. While everyone's abilities or stage of life may differ, when we are in a healthy weight range, we tend to exhibit healthy vital signs such as balanced blood sugar, healthy cholesterol, and healthy blood pressure. When we are within our ideal weight range, we tend to feel naturally energized, capable of accomplishing our work and daily tasks without strain or discomfort, and we have plenty of energy left over. We tend to sleep better, and experience fewer aches and pains in general because we are not experiencing the chronic inflammation so often associated with toxic lifestyles. We also tend to experience fewer health challenges on the whole, because our body is efficiently processing energy, and our elimination pathways are clear. Efficient elimination allows us to detox daily all the environmental toxins we encounter, as well as the naturally occurring cellular wastes that accumulate from metabolic processes.

At Cintamani, we believe that attaining a healthy weight is not so much a goal, but a byproduct of balanced living.

For supporting full-body harmony, including balanced weight, we suggest these healthy lifestyle commitments:

1) Eliminate environmental toxins such as chlorine in tap water, and toxic chemicals in foods and body products. It's also important to eliminate foods that break down into cellular toxins that can strain the body’s detoxification pathways. Some of the foods to avoid include: excess caffeine, processed sugar, GMO’s, pesticide treated or irradiated foods, processed food additives, and excess alcohol. Dairy and hybridized wheat may also negatively affect some people, clogging up the elimination pathways.

2) Support healthy metabolism through conscious food and drink choices. We suggest a diet of nutrient dense whole foods (not processed) that are rich in protein (essential amino acids), as well as healthy essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibers. Notice there’s no such thing as an “essential carbohydrate” that we must consume in order to get energy. Energy (Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP) can be obtained from proteins, fats, and carbs. However, a diet low in carbs will require the body to work a little harder to get ATP energy from proteins, healthy fats, or stored fats. This is one way of adjusting metabolism, and possibly utilizing excess body fat as energy.

3) Support the body's elimination pathways with cleansing herbs and supplements. Healthy detoxification and elimination are the foundations for many other biological processes. If the liver is backed up with toxins, it cannot adequately digest foods nor fulfill all the important hormonal needs of the rest of the body. Since everyone is unique, some herbs may be more supportive than others. Some people need extra vitamin C or glutathione to support healthy liver function. Some people need more fiber in their diets and some people would benefit from digestive enzymes or probiotics, depending on their unique digestive health.

Here’s a list of some tonic herbs that can be taken daily to support detoxification, elimination, and healthy metabolism:

* Shilajit- #1 cellular detoxifier. Overall energy tonic & hormone balancer.

* Green Tea - Supports metabolism & elimination. Can be an appetite suppressant.

* Poria - Deeply nourishing & beautifying tonic for the whole body. Moves Qi, clears dampness & reduces water retention in the middle jiao.

* White Peony - Frees up stored energy & moves Liver Qi, clears heat & dampness in combination with Poria.

* Cordyceps m. - Natural energy booster and enhances cellular efficiency of ATP use.

* Moringa - Amazing all-over tonic supports healthy metabolism, balanced blood sugar levels, and can help reduce the common food cravings people have when they start a new diet because it’s so deeply nourishing - Moringa can fill in the nutritional gaps that often make people crave processed junk foods.

Every Body is Unique

If you're seeking a more personalized approach to creating inner balance and healthy weight management, you might be interested in a Customized Tonic Formula to support your unique needs. Our Certified Herbalist, DJ Ankenbrandt, is also available for holistic Herbal Consultations to help you find your way forward on your unique path to wellness.

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