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My name is DJ Ankenbrandt and I have been fortunate to work with the healing wisdom of plants for over 15 years.  Throughout this time, I've had many opportunities to witness herbs spark profound transformations in the lives of others.  These positive results have deeply inspired me to continue studying and sharing tools and information that can help people find ever enhancing levels of health and happiness.


I began my herbal consulting practice in 2012,  offering individuals dietary guidance, Spagyric remedies, and strategic health plans. In time, I started formulating with Tonic Extracts, drawing on my Classical Chinese Herbalism studies. One of my first clients experienced such positive results from implementing my guidance and Tonic Herbal protocol, they decided to help me expand my offerings so others could access these life enhancing tonics. In 2014, they gifted me the seed money needed to fund my first significant acquisition of broad spectrum Beyond Organic Tonic Herbal Extracts. And the Cintamani Tonics Apothecary was born!

DJ Ankenbradt, Certified Hebalist and Student of the Gate of Life Linage.

"One of my first clients experienced such positive results from implementing my guidance and Tonic Herbal protocol, they decided to help me expand my offerings so others could access these life enhancing tonics."

Many of my early clients discovered profound results from my Custom Formulations made with these super potent, Beyond Organically grown herbal extracts. They repeatedly referred their friends, and offered transformative testimonials, eventually creating the need for me to offer these extracts to a larger online audience.  Since founding CintamaniTonics.com, I've been incredibly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to provide these therapeutic-grade Tonics to my clients, fellow practitioners, local community, and a growing global following.


I utilize all the herbs in the Cintamani Apothecary to create balanced and comprehensive Custom Herbal Formulas intended to meet the specific needs of each unique person.  My formulation techniques are derived from training in the Classical Chinese Tonic Herbal approach that originates from an ancient lineage and tradition known as The Gate Of Life. I also integrate Ayurvedic Rasayanas and Indonesian herbs into my formulation practice, when needed, as they are equally potent and effective. I have been drawn to all the supreme herbal medicines that are Tonic in nature and can be taken daily to regenerate, balance, tonify, and deeply nourish the body and mind. The herbs can be life savers for people, and when integrated with proper guidance into a holistic diet and healthy lifestyle, they can create benevolent cycles of health that fuel one's greater purpose in life. I teach my clients about longevity practices and all the life enhancing tools for awakening that I have gathered in my personal quest to understand and integrate a truly preventative approach to health and wellness.

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My ultimate goal is to listen deeply to each person's needs,

and share tools and information that can produce

positive, lasting, and profound change in the lives of others.

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We offer online chat most days 10am - 6pm PT.  Just look for the little chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Ask any questions you like. While we can offer herbal education and resources, please know that we do not offer medical advice. 

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༄ Custom Formulations ༄

Seeking a personalized herbal blend for your specific needs?

I specialize in crafting Custom Formulas to support unique constitutions and personal health goals. With an Herbal Apothecary of over 50 super potent Beyond Organic Tonic Herbal Extracts, and 7+ years of regularly formulating for clients, I can effectively craft a Custom Blend for you that is delicious & tonifying, perfect for daily drinking. The most profound results reported by my clients often arise from these Custom Herbal Formulas.

Custom Herbal Formulation

Volume: 150 g = 150 servings, about  6 - 8 week supply

Herbal Extract Fee:  $150

+ One-Time Formulation Fee:  $50 (not charged for Formula refills)

Total Cost: $200

* Includes Free Shipping in the USA

* Includes 15 Minute Consultation (regular Consultation rate will apply after 15 mins).


༄ Herbal Consultations / Teaching ༄

I would be honored to listen to your unique needs in-depth; and in return, share any educational herbal resources, herbal extracts, supplements, or spagyric formulas that could best support your greatest wellness.  I can also offer formulation guidance for your business needs or help develop comprehensive wellness programs for you or your company. I have much to share and can tailor classes and workshops to your particular interests.


Hourly Rate: $100/hr

* If you order a Custom Herbal Formula + 1-hour Consultation,

The standard One-Time Formulation Fee of $50 is waived.

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My experience and training is wide ranging, and contains many years of dedication to working with the life promoting qualities of plants.  


My initial training with preventative wellness practices began 10 years ago on an organic farm.  This was the beginning of my herbal studies, permaculture experience, and yoga training.  From there I blossomed into the nutritional and herbal work, and have since committed my life to this path of radiant living.  Being perpetually curious about ways that we can stay vibrant and healthy has brought me in touch with many different philosophies and methods devoted to longevity and holistic wellness.


My current herbal practice has been deeply inspired from my apprenticeship with Rehmannia Dean Thomas of The Gate of Life Lineage.   He is one of the foremost students of Ron Teeguarden, and is a holder of this unique herbal lineage that is considered to be the roots of what we currently know as Chinese Medicine.  It is believed to be over 5000 years old, and is a tradition that focuses mostly on the use of Tonic Herbs.  These are a superior class of herbs which are very safe, effective, and can be taken over long periods of time to increase vitality, promote longevity, and enhance our spiritual development.  At the heart of this enlightened tradition is the intention to utilize these special herbs as tools to prolong life, and to do so specifically for the attainment of wisdom and fulfillment of ones true purpose.  It is a tradition founded in service, carrying with it a profound commitment to being a beneficial presence in this life.  


In my time with this dear friend and mentor I have learned much about the ancient Chinese tonic herbal approach, and find these methods to be simple yet incredibly profound.  I owe much credit to this unique lineage holder for his deep and immense wisdom, and am honored to carry on this lineage and teachings through my own practice.  


Classical Chinese medicine has a significant place in my heart, and guides the way in which I work with herbs. 

wish granting jewels, Cintamani Stones in Thangka Painting

Trainings and Certifications 

༄ 10 years Active Apprenticeship with Rehmannia Dean Thomas

༄  Herbal Certification Course with the Milagro School of Herbal Medicine

༄  2-year Spagyric study with the School of Spagyric and Alchemical Arts by Al-Kemi 

༄  100 hour Anusara Yoga immersion

༄  Dancing Freedom Facilitator's Training 

༄  Moringa Educators Intensive Course with Moringa For Life

"When I met DJ in March 2014, I had a respiratory problem and was curious to know if herbs could help me.  I was looking for something that would actually resolve my struggle with physical activity. In the first weeks, we met once a week and DJ gave me several herbs to take. He took the time to teach me what each herb could do. The herbs also addressed the spiritual aspect. I then began to change my diet dramatically.  As I did, the symptoms lessened substantially. I feel that I’ve not only resolved my struggle to breathe, but have reversed the effects of unhealthy eating and have become healthy in all aspects. Even to say that aging has reversed. DJ has a deep knowledge and respect for herbs and their forces. He has the ability and skill to source the highest quality and subsequent potency in the world of herbs. Its been 2 years since I’ve been sick with a cold or flu. In the past it would take 2 weeks recovering in bed. I have a vitality I hadn’t experienced before. The level of Energy is a driving force in my life and it feels great to share with others how DJ has helped me on this road."
༄ Sandie Witbeck ༄ Equestrian Specialist

"I consulted with DJ about several health issues I have.  During my consultation, DJ was very informative and sincere in his desire to help me.  We developed a game plan for my major ailments, which are asthma, stress and colon issues.  He customized an herbal lung tonic for my asthma and recommended liquid CBD (hemp oil) to calm my nervous system.  In addition, he recommended a custom probiotic for my colon issues.  I have been on this regimen for several months now and the difference is significant.  Not only am I more calm and my colon issues are not as severe, but my breathing has greatly improved.  Because of my asthma I have been using an oximeter to measure the level of oxygen in my system.  Before I started taking the lung tonic my readings were 94-97% (98% is considered normal).  A month later my oximeter readings rose to 98-100%.  I feel so much better.  DJ approaches healing with love and kindness and I will always be grateful to him for his help."
༄ Kris Campbell
Retired Executive

"Cintamani Tonic Herbs offers simply the best standardized herbal extracts I have experienced in the nearly ten years I have been involved with the natural healing realm.

Having tasted and tried so many high quality extracts over the years, it was a truly amazing experience to sit with DJ and have a genuinely interactive demonstration of his potent apothecary. 
Every offering has a life and energy of its own, and DJ provides a clear awareness and connection with this consciousness as well as to the information which helps one access the full benefits of these wondrous substances!"

༄ Haven Willis  Wellness Consumer Consultant and owner of Open Source Wisdom

"Working with DJ is a true delight.


His ability to really listen and treat the whole person in body, mind and spirit with the herbs that are a good match is brilliant. Weaving together his extensive studies and devotion of the herbal arts with his loving presence and extremely high quality herbs,  brings positive healing results.

I highly recommend working with DJ and his herbal medicines."

༄ Rachel Weitz ༄ True Nature Shamanic Healing Arts

"From the beginning, and over time working with this gentle soul,

he tremendously was a true guide in inspiring me to explore many unique herbs, plants and healing practices that I never would have otherwise.

Introducing me to many divine nootropic & nervous system rejuvenating plants,

mystical medicinal mushrooms, and fortifying foundational tonics — that immediately brought profound effects to my entire physiological integrity — especially my neurological stability & immunological intelligence."


༄ Sarn DeAngelo ༄  Tonic Treasures

“I just wanted to let you know about the incredible results I’ve seen from the Spagyric medicine you made. I am feeling better than I have in years!

I recently moved and couldn’t believe the amount of energy the Spagyrics gave me. I can tell it is working on my Lyme’s disease, but it’s doing so in a more gentle way than other medicines I’ve tried. I am amazed at the small amount needed for such incredible results. There is definitely something special about your methods and your abilities.


I feel blessed to have found you; and very hopeful for a full recovery! Thank You!”

༄ Michelle Stanley ༄ NM

"To say I am a skeptic of all natural healing would be an understatement.  But after spending a year in Africa and being riddled with every digestive issue one could acquire, I turned to an all natural doctor to try to ease my constant stomach discomfort and pain.  It helped for a while, but it wasn't until taking Cintamani Tonic herbs that I really feel like my digestive system is back to normal, after years of frustration and searching for answers.  On top of that, my anxiety and stressed mind have been eased significantly since taking my daily herbs.  I could not recommend anything better than D.J's attention to his clients needs and the amazing benefits of his supplements. To say I am satisfied would be a vast understatement, these herbs really have transformed my digestive life and the state of my anxiety!  Super thankful for the benefits of Cintamani Tonics in my life."

༄  Jamie Ankenbrandt ༄ Artist & Program Director, Prodigal Pottery at Kings Home

"My new friend, DJ, made a personal tonic herb blend for me. The experience of being invited into his apothecary to learn about and sample Chinese tonic herbs was very special. The powdered extracts that he uses are approximately ten times stronger than drinking a tea or taking a capsule; and they pack a noticeable punch! I feel stronger, tougher, and more vibrant. 


I’ve not had so much as a sniffle this long harsh winter. 

I simply cannot leave the house without my fortifying tonic herb drink.  It makes me feel BULLETPROOF!"


༄ Valoree Gift  Massage Therapist

"DJ listens carefully and drew on his deep and wide background with herbs to create a formula specifically for me.  I was developing a cough just like the one my mother had for years.  Three days of using the herbs cleared the cough I had constantly for 2 1/2 months.  Now if it recurs, I treat myself with some of his herbs for a few days and I am good again. 


I'm an herbalist myself, so I particularly appreciate the care which DJ brings to his work, and the high quality of his herbs."


༄ Katja Biesanz 
༄ Psychotherapist & Dance Instructor

" Cintamani Tonics offers such refined and potent single herbs. 


I have been delighted by DJ's intimate dance with each herb's unique and powerful signature.  He truly is attuned to the sacredness of the Tonic Herbs.  One only has to use such a small amount as the vitality is magical!   


I am so grateful to know I can find such quality herbs for my patients."


༄ Blair Sylvan Grey ༄ Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Elemental Integration

"Thanks for being part of my wedding day Cintamani Tonics! I had been taking your blend for three months before the big day, to help with anxiety and digestive issues. The blend had been helping relieve both of these life-long problems and I loved that I could stop eating a bunch of chalky antacids. Then on my wedding day, as I was sitting having my hair done up, thinking about everything that might go wrong, I began to have a nervous stomach and began panicking. I remembered I brought the herbal blend with me, so I sent my friend to go get it and asked my mom to mix it up for me. Sure enough soon after drinking it, it helped calm my stomach and my nerves. I'm so grateful I have this tool for daily life and for when a bout of anxiety is underway. It helped me enjoy the rest of my special day with my partner and our family and friends. Thank you again!"

༄ Carmina Eliason ༄ Artist & Professor of Photography


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