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  • What is a Tonic Herb?
    Tonics are a unique class of herbs. They offer multi-directional actions that benefit more than one system of the body. In some ways, Tonics are more like super foods than they are like medicinal class herbs because over thousands of years, they have been proven to be safe and effective for daily use. Much like super foods, they can be consumed daily and offer a cumulative beneficial effect over time. Goji Berries and Jujube Dates are examples of Tonic Herbs that are also super foods. However, unlike super foods, many Tonic Herbs are roots, barks, or woody mushroom polypores, and they cannot be eaten as easily as Goji Berries. These Tonics must be extracted with hot water or alcohol in order to access their nutritional benefits. Our Cintamani Tonics are extracted into a super concentrated and highly bioavailable powdered extract form. So unlike super foods, a very small amount of these potent Tonic Extracts goes a long way. For optimal benefits, we suggest 1/2 tsp up to 2 tsp of Tonic Extracts daily.
  • What form are these herbs in? Herb Powders? Extracts?
    Cintamani specializes in Beyond Organic potent and pure herbal extracts. Our powdered Hot Water Extracts have a 10:1 potency or greater ~ this means that 10 kg of whole herbs were extracted to produce 1 kg of powdered extract. The process involves cooking whole herbs in specialized pressure cookers to extract the medicinal qualities into the water. Then the herb fiber is removed, and the water is evaporated, leaving behind a fully water-soluble powder that is 10 times more potent than the whole herb itself. Our Hydroethanolic Dual Extracts generally have a potency that is greater than 10:1. Dual Extracts are made in a similar fashion as Hot Water Extracts, however they include an additional alcohol extraction step. After the whole herbs have been thoroughly extracted, all the water and alcohol solvents are evaporated, leaving a purely water-soluble powder that offers a more full-spectrum profile of the beneficial herbal compounds. Our Wild American Shilajit is a uniquely American harvested Shilajit Resin. It is expertly purified, using proprietary low-temperature purification methods. Our Wild American Shilajit Resin is ultra concentrated, with the consistency of honey, and a long shelf life. Our Wild American Shilajit Solution is a solution of our Mineral Resin rehydrated with purified spring water. It is made fresh-to-order, and is best if used within 6 months of purchase. We also occasionally offer some Whole Herbs, including Beyond Organic Moring Leaf Powder, and we also offer Menghai Chinese Puerh Teas!
  • What's the difference between a "10:1 Extract" and a "Dual Extract?""
    Our 10:1 Hot Water extracts contain all the water soluble compounds that can be extracted using hot water pressure cookers. Then the water is completely evaported, leaving only the water soluble compounds. 10 kg (or more) of each herb are used to produce 1 kg of extract. Our Hydroethanolic Dual Extracts are made in a very similar way, plus an additional solvent, ethanol, is used to extract the alcohol soluble constituents. Both the water and alcohol are evaporated, leaving a fine powder that contains both the water soluble and the alcohol soluble compounds. Our Dual Extracts are more full-spectrum; they often offer more potent flavors and therapeutic benefits than the Hot Water Extracts alone.
  • What's the serving size & how do I take it?
    Each herb is subtly different, and we list suggested serving sizes on each listing. General serving suggestions: Stir 1/2 - 1 tsp of extracts into 8 - 12oz of hot water 1 - 2x daily. Makes a delicious instant tonic tea! Shilajit Serving Sizes: Shilajit Resin: 1 rice-grain sized dab (100mg) in non-chlorinated water, 1-2x daily. Shilajit Solution: 15 drops (about 100mg) in non-chlorinated water, 1-2x daily. Delcious Tonic Latte: Any Instant Tonic Tea blend or herbal exract can become a hot, frothy, nutrient-dense latte! 1/2 tsp Cintamani Tonic Tea powder 5 - 10 drops Shilajit Solution 1 tsp Maple Syrup, Coconut Syrup, Honey, or other natural sweetener 1 tbsp Organic Ghee, Coconut Butter, Cream, MCT Oil, Butter, or other natural fat 8 - 12oz of med-hot water Blend all ingredients in blender, or whizz with handheld immersion blender until frothy. Optional additions for added nutrients & flavor: Moringa powder, coconut milk powder, chai spices, chocolate, shot of espresso, turmeric, matcha, etc. Get creative & enjoy!
  • Is this Organic?
    The Cintamani Apothecary contains some of the highest quality tonic herbal extracts currently available on the market. Every herb is grown Certified Organic or Beyond Organic, meaning the cultivation practices exceed current "Organic" Standards. Many of our herbs are considered Tao Di, or grown in "the original way" they have been cultivated for centuries. All our herbal extracts are laboratory tested (many of them 3rd party verified) to ensure that they are free of poisons or contaminants, and we are happy to provide Certificates of Analysis upon request. As practicing herbalists, it is incredibly important for us to offer herbs to our clients that will be completely and fully beneficial, without adverse effects from pollutants, excipients, or fillers. These herbs are the cleanest we can find, and we're proud to serve them to our family and friends.
  • What is the Shelf Life of these Tonics?
    Our powdered Tonic extracts may keep well for years if properly stored. Light exposure can deteriorate the potency of these extracts, and moisture can cause them to clump together, making them more difficult to use. To avoid air & light exposure, store herbs in the air-tight amber jars we provide, in a dark place. We suggest using them with 2 years of opening. The resealable kraft pouches we provide in our Apothecary do not protect the herbs as well as glass & metal. (We mainly offer them to help reduce packaging waste & shipping costs). To extend the life of herbs in our resealable pouches, transfer the herbs to amber jars or place pouches inside a mason jar & in a dark place.
  • Are there any fillers or excipients?
    No. Most of our herbal extracts are pure, whole herb extracts without anything added. Ever. There is one notable exception: our Goji Berry and Mulberry extracts have tiny amounts of Organic Maltodextrin added to prevent caking and clumping of the powders. These two extracts are so sugary and polysaccharide rich, they would turn into bricks without these tiny additions.
  • Where are the Extracts produced?
    We contract manufacturers in China and India to produce small-batches of farm-direct extracts specifically for us. Most of the herbs we source have been grown in China or India for centuries, utilizing traditional semi-wild cultivation practices that meet or exceed current organic standards. The herbs are sourced fresh, tested for purity, then extracted, powdered, and tested again for final Certificates of Analysis. It takes about 3 months total turnaround time from start to finish. Many of our herbs are available in bulk, and some of them are only available by special order. For bulk inquiries or custom orders, contact us.
  • Pregnancy and Contraindications?
    We often get asked, "Is this herb safe during Pregnancy, pre or post natal?" Disclaimer: We are not Doctors, and we DO NOT offer medical advice. We are Herbal educators and can help you find additional information that you can use to make your own informed decisions, or share with your Doctor, Midwife, or Naturopath. There are some Medicinal-Class herbs that many healthcare professionals and Herbalists alike discourage during Pregnancy. provides this list of Herbs to Avoid While Pregnant: Saw Palmetto, Goldenseal, Dong Quai, Ephedra, Yohimbe, Pau D’ Arco, Passion Flower, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Roman Chamomile, Pennyroyal. Most of these Medicinal herbs possess strong herbal actions that stimulate or affect the blood flow or smooth muscles. During Pregnancy, health care professionals suggest women avoid any herbs that thin the blood, stimulate or relax smooth muscles, or any herbs that contain high concentrations of alkaloids. As Tonic Herbalists, we specialize in holistically nourishing Tonic Herbs that provide a deeper level of nutrition to the body, much like super foods. Most all of our Tonic Herbs are considered safe for pre and post natal use. Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) is the only Tonic Herb we sell that is specifically contraindicated during Pregnancy because it can stimulate menstrual blood flow. Regardless, the Classical Chinese Herbal system still has a place for Dong Quai, utilizing it as a postpartum herb to help rebuild blood lost during birth. Our favorite Tonic Herb for supporting new and expecting Moms is Moringa oliefera. Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse for use before pregnancy to enhance fertility and overall vitality, during pregnancy to support healthy development, and postpartum to support lactation and healthy recuperation. Our second favorite Tonic for expecting Moms is Wild American Shilajit. Shilajit provides a wealth of ionic trace minerals that support healthy hormone levels, balance blood chemistry, build strong bones, and promote healthy mind and mood. Shilajit has been scientifically shown to increase Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which supports fertility, making it a great addition to prenatal protocols. Some health professionals advise against using Shilajit during pregnancy, mainly because most Shilajit is produced overseas and contains high levels of heavy metals and possibly other contaminants. Our Wild American Shilajit is verifiably the cleanest and most pure Shilajit product we've seen on the market. As always, it is suggested that you talk with your Doctor, Midwife, or Naturopath before changing or adding herbs to your pregnancy plan. We hope the information provided here can help you and your health care professional research a pregnancy plan that supports you and your baby with all the best.
  • What is Shilajit?
    Shilajit is a naturally occurring water-soluble mineral pitch found exuding from rocks and cliffs at high elevation in specific regions around the world, most notably the Himalayas. "Shilajit" is the globally accepted word for a whole variety of natural mineral pitch extracts, and has it's roots in the traditional Ayurvedic preparation that has been used in India since at least 600 BCE. The raw Shilajit is typically dissolved, filtered, decanted, and then cooked with herbs such as Triphala and Bhringaraj. It's then reduced and sun-cured into a thick resinous paste. Shilajit is known in Russia as Mumie, Mumio, or Brakshun. In Tibet it's known as Zhaxun or Brag Zhun. It's also found in the Middle East throughout Afghanistan, and has been discovered in the American Rockies and even South America. Raw Shilajit pitch is not safe for human consumption and must be carefully extracted and purified to obtain only the water-soluble phytonutrients, leaving behind all contaminants, microbes, heavy metals or other impurities. We sell only purified Wild American Shilajit.
  • What is Shilajit made of?
    Shilajit is made of a wide spectrum of water soluble micronutrients including humic substances, trace minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and fatty acids. Shilajit is distinctly different from mineral tar, gilsonite, asphaltite, or any other hydrocarbonous mineral exudation in that it is fully water-soluble and comprised primarily of humic substances (20% Fulvic Acid and 1% Humic Acid) plus trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium in a highly bioavailable ionic form. Our Wild American Shilajit has been 3rd party laboratory tested, and contains 22% Fulvic acid, 1% Humic Acid, 1% Calcium, 1% Iron, 0.6% Potassium, 0.2% Magnesium, and 0.1% Sodium. Some Shilajit from other parts of the world is known for it's high heavy metal content. Not us. We regularly test each batch, and consistently show no detectable Cadmium, Lead, nor Mercury. And the naturally occurring Arsenic is typically 33x less than the allowable limit stipulated by Prop 65. Our Wild American Shilajit is truly the cleanest Shilajit we have seen anywhere on the market. If you find a cleaner COA, we'd like to see it!
  • How does Shilajit form in nature?
    Shilajit is theorized to have geologically evolved from the slow humification of ancient marine plant life from the Triassic period that became encased in layers of rock under pressure. As geological events expose the organic matter to water and the elements, the water-soluble Shilajit mineral pitch may filter through permeable layers of rock, exuding from cracks and fissures. The fulvic acid rich Shilajit minerals collect and dry as a black resinous pitch. Shilajit naturally attracts animals like a salt deposit, and it plays an important role in the ecosystem & nutrient cycle, but it has been scarcely researched and is still not yet fully understood by modern geologists and hydrologists. Much research still needs to be done to fully understand how Shilajit is formed over time, how long it takes to form, how widely distributed it may be, what rock types and strata it may originate in, how the composition may compare across different deposits, and what species may rely on it for micronutrients. We welcome the modern scientific community to include us in their research. We deeply value this precious natural resource and are dedicated to stewarding Shilajit with respect so that it may continue to be a resource for generations to come.
  • What's the Shilajit Suggested Serving Size?
    The suggested serving size is 100mg to 250mg of Shilajit Minerals daily. This is equivalent to: 1 - 2.5 droppers full of Wild American Shilajit Solution 1 - 2 rice grain sized dabs of Wild American Shilajit Resin If you are going to dilute the Shilajit, always dilute it with purified, non-chlorinated water (or other non-chlorinated food or beverage). This is important for 2 reasons: 1) Chlorine is a toxic chemical and should always be removed from drinking water for optimal health. 2) Chlorine may react with the Fulvic Acids found in Shilajit, producing another toxic chemical that is not optimal for health. Shilajit is a bit of an acquired taste. Some may find the earthy and bitter flavor to be too intense if used undiluted. If you're not used to the flavor, we suggest you start with the Wild American Shilajit Solution, as it is the more diluted version, and is easier to serve. If the flavor is too intense for you, here's some options: * Dilute it by using it to add minerals to your purified drinking water. You can add 2 - 3 drops to each 8oz glass of filtered water you drink throughout the day. You'll get your daily dose of 15 drops in about 4 - 5 glasses of water. * Add the Shilajit to something else that has a more potent flavor. Many people like to take their Shilajit in their coffee, or in a "shot" that they chase with their morning coffee. * Add our Wild American Shilajit to lemonade ~ you can hardly taste the bitters. It makes the most delicious & thirst-quenching electrolyte-rich rehydration! Shila-Lemonade: 16 - 20oz Filtered Water Juice from 1/2 Lemon (or 1 - 2 Limes) 1 - 2 tbsp Maple Syrup, Coconut Syrup, Agave, Honey, or other Natural Sweetener 10 - 15 drops Wild Amercian Shilajit Stir until all Shilajit & sweetener goes into solution.
  • How do I use the Shilajit Resin?
    The Shilajit Solution is really easy to use ~ just drop 10 - 15 drops in Filtered, Non-Chlorinated water, & enjoy. But the resin is a little trickier... Use a toothpick or a butter knife to pick up 100mg ~ about a rice-grain sized dab. Stir this little dab into any Filtered, Non-Chlorinated water, & enjoy! Or if you're real brave, and unaffected by the flavor, drop that dab right on the center of your tongue and enjoy the "Shilajit Rush!" However, if you're adversed to the flavor, you can also dab some of the resin into a vegetable capsule and take it orally for flavor-free delivery. If you are going to dilute the Shilajit, always dilute it with purified, non-chlorinated water (or other non-chlorinated food or beverage). This is important for 2 reasons: 1) Chlorine is a toxic chemical and should always be removed from drinking water for optimal health. 2) Chlorine may react with the Fulvic Acids found in Shilajit, producing another toxic chemical that is not optimal for health. We offer a few more Serving Suggestions in the FAQ...
  • Is your Shilajit authentically American harvested?
    Yes! Our Wild American Shilajit is exclusively purified from naturally occurring raw Shilajit mineral pitch deposits sustainably harvested from pristine high elevation locations (over 6,000 ft.) in the American Rockies. Maintaining the delicate natural ecology of these areas is of utmost importance to us, so our wildcrafters are careful to harvest with respect for the other life that depend on these special places. We harvest on foot using only hand tools, being very careful not to compact the soil nor disturb the surrounding vegetation. And we leave large portions of the natural Shilajit deposits in-tact for the flora and fauna that rely on them.
  • Specifically, what locations is the American Shilajit harvested from?
    Whoa there, cowboy! Think we're going to give you a map to our gold mine?! LOL! Sorry, the exact locations of our Shilajit deposits are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements. This not only protects our intellectual property, it also protects these delicate ecosystems from unneeded human impact.
  • How is Wild American Shilajit Purified?
    Traditionally, Himalayan Shilajit is processed from its raw, inedible form into a safe and edible form using extraction methods that require high heat (well over 120 degrees F). After observing Shilajit in the wild, we have a developed a proprietary low-temperature purification method that we believe maintains the integrity of any delicate micronutrients that would otherwise be denatured or destroyed by high heat. It takes several months for each batch of Wild American Shilajit to be expertly purified at low temperatures. For these reasons, our product is a small-batch, artisan creation, and the supply is limited. This lengthy process may make our product a little pricier than other lesser quality Shilajits being harvested in other places of the world. However, we are proud to say that our product is consistently cleaner and more pure than any other Shilajit or Mumio we've seen from overseas. Check out our 3rd party Certificates of Lab Analysis here. If you find a Certificate of Analysis for other Shilajit that is cleaner, we'd like to see it!!!
  • What's the difference between Wild American Shilajit and Himalayan Shilajit?
    "Shilajit" in Ayurveda is traditionally a purified herbal preparation made of raw Shilajit mineral pitch. It is typically dissolved, filtered, decanted, and then cooked with herbs such as Triphala and Bhringaraj. Our Wild American Shilajit is not a traditional Ayurvedic preparation. We offer a uniquely American harvested and American purified Shilajit product. We don't cook ours with herbs, instead we use an advanced, low temperature purification process to extract only the water-soluble minerals. For several reasons, we feel that our Wild American Shilajit is indeed more pure and potent than any Himalayan or Siberian varieties that we’ve seen... First, our American sourced Shilajit is being harvested from wild places with in-tact ecosystems, always on foot, and always with respect for the other life that relies on these special places. We never over-harvest, and since Shilajit is such a new thing in the Americas, we have no need to over-harvest. The deposits here are healthy & natural. Many Himalayan varieties are already over-harvested, and some are being mined with big machinery from potentially contaminated areas with lots of human impact. Secondly, most Himalayan Shilajit is heat purified, and then sun-cured. While this traditional method has worked for thousands of years, we’ve been able to improve upon this technique here, by applying more advanced filtration & purification technologies. Wild American Shilajit is strictly low temperature purified, using temps under 120° F. This helps preserve the delicate natural compounds better than heat purification. So with our American variety, you’re getting a more full-spectrum product that is closer to what nature provides. Thirdly, we use advanced filtration techniques to completely remove microbes & heavy metals. We have compared our certificates of analysis with all of the leading Himalayan Shilajit varieties, and ours are consistently the cleanest. You can view those COA’s at the bottom of our Shilajit page. And lastly, we make our Shilajit as easy-to-use as possible. We evaporate our Shilajit Resin down to the consistency of fresh honey, so it can be easily dipped into, making it more readily water-soluble & easy to portion out. We also provide the diluted Shilajit Solution in purified spring water for easy & exact servings ~ just add 10-15 drops to any non-chlorinated liquid. By contrast, most Shilajit being shipped over-seas needs to have ALL moisture removed to reduce freight costs. So what you get is usually a very hard resinous lump that can be difficult to use for many newbies, making it less approachable to some. And as an anecdotal side note, we’ve heard from many people that they prefer the flavor of our Shilajit ~ it tastes “bitter & herby,” or “peaty, kind of like Scotch” with less of that funky “barnyard” quality found in some Shilajit from overseas.
  • What is the Shelf Life of Wild American Shilajit?
    Our Shilajit Resin has a suggested shelf life of 2 years. Use within 2 years of opening. The Shilajit Solution suggested shelf life is 1 year. Use within 3 months of opening. If Shilajit Resin lid becomes stuck, soak jar upright in a cup of warm water. Fill the water level up to just barely cover the bottom edge of the lid, leaving the top 2-3mm of the lid out of the water. Soak for 15 - 20 minutes before opening. Clean the edges of the lid and jar threads well with a clean, damp towel before replacing the lid.
  • Is there Scientific Reseach available on the benefits of Shilajit?
    Yes! Pubmed is brimming with peer-reviewed articles on Shilajit and Mumio from around the world. Our American Shilajit page has a starter list of some of the most notable benefits and links to some of the more well-researched findings.
  • Can I access Certificates of Analysis for the Shilajit?
    Our most current Certificates of Analysis for our Wild American Shilajit are available on our American Shilajit page here....
  • How quickly will my order ship?
    For current Processing Times and estimated Shipping timelines, please see our Shipping & Policies page. We also prominently post our current "Processing Time" at the top of the Cart page during Checkout.
  • Can Cintamani Rush Process my Order?
    Sometimes... As Herbalists and Educators, we are sometimes out in the field, or away from our Apothecary, gathering herbs and wisdom. During these harvest seasons, we'll typically be available to Process all Online Orders within roughly one to two weeks. Othertimes, we will be firmly planted in the Apothecary, available to meet unique Rush Order timelines. Sometimes our precious extracts are fully in-stock and ready-to-ship. Othertimes, these small batch tonics are in the process of being extracted, and may be temporarily out-of-stock, or shipping on different processing timelines. Such is the nature of nature. ;) We do our best to ride the waves of her infinite ebbs and flows. If you are in a Rush, check out our Policies | Shipping page to see current Turnaround Time estimates and Rush Processing availability.
  • Where's my Shipping Notification & Tracking Number?
    When your order ships, you will receive a Shipping Notification email containing your Carrier specific Tracking Number. If ever an order is expected to ship late, we'll always notify you via email or text. The email notifications will arrive from these approved email address: Cintamani Tonics <> Cintamani Tonics <> Please note that sometimes these emails can be filtered out by your spam or promotions filters. You can add us to your Contacts list ahead of time to ensure smooth delivery of these emails. Still No Notification? If you think your order is past due it's Shipping time, and you've still not received your Shipping Notification, please first search through your Spam and Promotions folders in your email. If you find our email in your Spam folder, mark it as "Not Spam" to prevent future mis-deliveries. If still you cannot locate your Order or Shipping Notifications, contact us with your Name, primary Email address, and Order Number if you have it.
  • Where can I find your products in person?
    Our Apothecary in Birmingham, AL is currently open by appointment only. If you'd like to schedule a pick-up, please Contact Us. Cintamani Tonics herbal extracts may also be found at these retail locations: Kosmic Koala Ann Arbor, Michigan Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary Boulder, Colorado Stonehaven Metaphysical Rome, Georgia Dragon Herbarium Portland, Oregon If you'd like to join our Retailers in distributing the finest herbal extracts, please contact us for Wholesale Pricing.
  • Holiday Gift Order Shipping Timeline?
    Holiday shopping? Order EARLY! For delivery by December 25th, ORDER BY DECEMBER 3rd. We are currently fulfilling online orders in about 6 - 12 business days. This is an estimate, not a guarantee. All orders placed online by midnight on December 3rd will be shipped by December 18th. Choosing USPS Priority Shipping or UPS 3-day Delivery during checkout can help to speed up the delivery time, especially now in the busiest shipping season of the year. We've had to increase our Processing Times a little to accommodate the extra influx of orders we tend to get around the Holidays. Please remember that it's just the two of us here ~ and all our tonics are made-to-order. DJ handcrafts the blends, jars the Extracts, purifies the Solution. And Jen lovingly labels, wraps, packs, and ships your orders. We don't have any of Santa's little helpers. Yet we do our best to ship items as quickly as possible. If you have special needs or you're in a Rush, please CONTACT US to check in about Rush Order Availability.
  • Do you consult with clients?
    Yes! The Cintamani Tonics Apothecary was born from DJ Ankenbrandt's herbal consultation practice. He is happy to schedule appointments over the phone or online. His regular Consultation rate of $100/ hr applies. To learn more, visit our Consultation page.
  • Do you still offer free 15 minute consultations?
    Sorry, we are no longer offering free phone consultations. However, we still include a free 20 minute Consultation with any Custom Formula order. And we are available to answer your questions via Chat Monday - Friday from 11am - 6pm CT. Click here to chat with an herbalist...
  • Do you craft custom tonic herbal blends for unique client needs?
    Yes! Custom Formulations are our signature offering. DJ Ankenbrandt can craft custom herbal formulas for overall longevity, specific targeted goals, or a variety of multidirectional actions. He works with individual clients to small businesses. Learn more here...
  • Do you offer medical advice?
    No, we're not medical doctors, so we don't offer medical advice. It is recommended you talk with your Naturopath or Doctor before making sudden health changes. As Herbalists and Herbal Educators, we empower you with knowledge and herbal options so you can make more informed health decisions for youself, and when discussing your health with your care team. We specialize in providing complimentary wellness alternatives that can be integrated into a holistic approach to health and lifestyle.
Dendrobium flowers

Custom Formulations

expertly handcrafted personalized formulas are tailored to your unique needs...

Sustainable Packaging

We strive towards Zero Waste. We choose recyclable & biodegradable materials wherever possible. 

  • All Powdered Extracts are sold in recyclable amber glass jars with recyclable metal lids.

  • We use paper foil seals instead of shrink plastic jar sealers.

  • Shilajit products are sold in reusable / recyclable miron glass (lids are not recyclable).

  • Orders are wrapped in 100% recycled kraft paper.

  • Shipping materials include 100% recycled boxes & labels, as well as biodegradable padding & mailers.

Sustainable Packaging
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