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Tonic Herb Fund

 We created the Tonic Herb Fund to help provide herbal support to people who would otherwise not have access to the these valuable herbal resources.

In 2019 alone, Cintamani Tonics has given about 5% of total net sales worth of Tonic Herbs to people in need.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to see Tonic Herbs drastically transform the health of many people, and no longer want to see finances stand in the way of people feeling better.  We have primarily supported this fund on our own, and we'd like to welcome you to contribute as well. If you feel compelled to donate, even a dollar, the money will help cover the cost of herbs for someone who has a legitimate need for herbal wellness support and cannot cover the costs on their own.  All donations will be greatly appreciated and respectfully used to support those with the greatest needs.  We'll even send you a Thank You card if you leave us your shipping address.

You can donate safely & securely via PayPal to the Tonic Herb Fund here.
(donations to the Tonic Herb Fund are not yet tax-deductible. They just plain make you feel good ;)

 Are you in need of Tonic Herbs and unable to afford care? 

Please contact us here.

Include your name, phone, email,

and a brief message about what you are seeking.

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