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Cintamani Tonics has arisen from a deep dedication to sharing the wisdom of plants with the world.


Cintamani (Chin-ta-mani) is a Sanskrit term for "Wish Granting Jewel," and can also be correlated to the "Philosophers Stone" of Western Alchemy.  There are numerous depictions of this "wish fulfilling jewel" in the wisdom traditions of Asia, including India, China, and Japan.


The Cintamani stone is a representation of true freedom, a gift of grace.


In Asian mythology, Guru Dzambala is the giver of this magical stone.  Anytime that an individual moves in the slightest direction that is of benefit to All life, Dzambala waves his staff wildly in celebration and offers a wish granting cintamani to help the individual fulfill their liberating dream.


This name felt fitting for an offering of herbs, teas, and information that supports our path of cultivation in this blessed life.


May Cintamani Tonics support others in knowing and fulfilling the deepest calling of their heart.  Thank you for being here!

"Ten Longevity Symbols," Korean Tapestry from Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910
About Cintamani
Chinese Dragon Scroll Painting

Ten Longevity Symbols

Korean. Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).  

Note the Reishi motifs.

About Our Herbs

About Us

About Us

Cintamani Tonics is a family business, owned and operated by

Jen and DJ Ankenbrandt

DJ is the founder and visionary behind Cintamani Tonics. With over 10 years of experience sharing the wisdom of medicinal herbs with people, DJ specializes in custom formulations for individuals as well as small businesses. He is trained in Tonic Herbalism from the Gate of Life Lineage. Learn more about DJ's experience as a Tonic Herbalist and his handcrafted

Custom Formulas here.

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Jen is DJ's spouse, fellow forager, and co-creator at Cintamani.  She is a multi-talented artist and designer with a passion for herbs, mycology, wildcrafting, and medicinal herb gardening.  As Cintamani has grown, Jen has joined to manage operations & communications. She is also the creative eye behind all Cintamani web and product designs. You can view Jen's full Design Portfolio at

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DJ Ankenbrandt

Jen Ankenbrandt

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