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Ginger Root 10:1 Extract

Ginger Root 10:1 Extract


Beyond Organic Indian Ginger Root 10:1 Powdered Extract

Indian Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale)  

Beyond Organic 10:1 Hot Water Extract


༄ Ayurvedic Sattvic Tonic ༄

This widely used herb likely needs no introduction.  It is known in Ayurveda as "the universal medicine."  Ginger is used extensively as a potent digestive stimulant, and is believed to have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  It’s warming and stimulating actions help to increase and normalize blood circulation, which can reduce inflammation and offer pain relief.  It is also a well-known carminative, helping to stimulate and simultaneously soothe digestion. It is used to ease nausea, and to calm the mind, helping to promote restful sleep if taken after the evening meal.  Ginger is also used to help stimulate blood and energy flow in individuals who are experiencing damp or cold Qi constitutions.

This particular Ginger extract is quite floral and delicious, with great flavor and a seriously spicy kick!  It combines well in warm and cold beverages, soups, sauces, and other foods.  Perfect as an apertif to support overall digestion, and to help warm and nourish the whole body.  


༄ Beyond Organic Ingredients:

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)  10:1 Hot Water Extract.


༄ Starting dosage is 1/4 tsp (about 1 gram)

༄ Suggested Use ༄

To brew an instant tonic tea, mix 1/4 to 1/2 tsp into warm or hot water and enjoy!

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