Complete Cintamani Apothecary

Welcome to the Cintamani Apothecary, a full spectrum offering of life-enhancing herbs that promote balance, deep rejuvenation, and an overall sense of well-being.  Our potent herbal extracts are Beyond Organically Grown, meaning that they exceed the currently accepted "Organic Standards," primarily because they are grown without the use of any herbicide or pesticide, not even the ones that have been lobbied for and accepted by the USDA. The current "Organic Standard" is unfortunately not sufficient for providing truly clean products to consumers. We have therefore decided that the true purity must come from small batch, artisan, semi-wild cultivation techniques; not mono-crops.

This is what we purvey at Cintamai Tonics.


The majority of our tonic herbal extracts are considered Tao Di, meaning they are cultivated in the "Original Way" in which they have been cultivated for centuries, using ancient sustainable growing methods that integrate permaculture and a unique form of Chinese "biodynamics." And in regards to our Wild American Shilajit, it does not get any more small-batch or pure than this. We work intimately with the wild crafters that are pulling it down from the North American mountains. It's as direct sourced, pristine, and potent as it gets. Our entire apothecary is an expression of the purest life promoting products we have found, and we truly pray that the gift of these plants and supplements can positively contribute to the quality and vitality of your life.

Due to supply chain disruptions, some herbs are currently out-of-stock.

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