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Pure Reishi Dual Extract ~ Fruiting Body

Pure Reishi Dual Extract ~ Fruiting Body


Beyond Organic Dual Extracted Reishi Fruiting Body Grown on Medicinal Herbs ~ 30% Polysaccharides min.

Reishi Ling Zhi Longevity

Beyond Organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Lingzhi



Pure Fruiting Body Hydroethanolic Dual Extract Standardized to 30% Polysaccharide Content





༄ Jing, Qi, Shen Tonic ༄


This Reishi extract is an incredibly premium and powerful product. This extraction is the strongest and most potent I have found, and consists of pure Dual-Extracted fruiting body Reishi. It is highly concentrated and has a strong Reishi flavor with dark, raw cacao notes and hints of bright berry tartness. The Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms in this extract are grown in a pristine region of China, under very controlled conditions, using a propriety method that enhances the quality and increases the active constituents present in the mushroom. The Reishi are Beyond Organically grown on a substrate created from 45 different certified organic medicinal plants. This process is one of the most sustainable growing practices currently available for medicinal mushrooms, and ensures the cleanliness and integrity of the finished products. The Reishi literally feed off of all the beneficial constituents of the composted herbs, resulting in a premium Lingzhi mushroom with double the potency of the renowned life promoting compounds similar to the wild version. It then goes through a Hot Water extraction, wherein the water-soluble constituents are gleaned and purified. The water is evaporated, leaving only the fully soluble medicinal compounds. This super potent extract is standardized to contain no less than 30% Polysaccharides, ensuring quality and consistency with a very beta glucan content. Unlike our Reishi + Cracked Spores, this product is simply the pure Dual Extract.




Lingzhi, as it is known in China, is undoubtedly one of the most highly revered mushrooms in the world. It is considered a supreme Shen tonic and overall Three Treasures nourisher. This incredible mushroom has been safely used for centuries and studied extensively for its wide range of beneficial properties. Since ancient times it has been known to prevent aging, lighten the body, and extend one's life. Reishi is adaptogenic and therefore can help the body adapt to any present challenges or stressors. This can result in relaxation for some, increased energy for others, and ultimately whatever the individual needs most in the moment. The mushroom is immune modulating, meaning that it will balance and strengthen the immune system in a well-rounded way, helping to maintain and protect overall physical health and vitality. This action and support for the immune system can aid in the preservation of cellular integrity, therefore inhibiting cellular mutation and making it one of the most widely known cancer-prevention herbs. Reishi is also believed to strengthen and nourish our connection to the spiritual aspects of life, thus heightening our sense of the inherent potential and brilliance we all possess. It has long been used by nobility, emperors, commoners, athletes, mountain hermits, and those seeking the preventative path to longevity and wellness. It is known as the “Herb Of Immortality” and believed to have played a significant role in the spiritual evolution of Chinese culture. According to some ancient texts, Lingzhi enhanced the spiritual capacities of wise sages to such an extent that they attained supernatural powers of flight and shapeshifting, and some say that these wizened sages can still be seen flying amidst the mountains in rural parts of China. The history of Reishi is rich, and the current science shows that it does, indeed, have unique and powerful constituents that play a profoundly supportive role for the whole human system.






༄ Beyond Organic Ingredients ༄



Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) pure fruiting body mushroom Hot Water Extract standardized to 30% Polysaccharide content.






༄ Suggested Use ༄

Starting dosage is 1/4 tsp. Suggested daily serving is 1/2 tsp (1g).



To brew an instant tonic tea, mix 1/2 tsp into warm or hot water and enjoy! Blend into soups, foods, or smoothies. Store in a cool, dry place.






༄ Serving Size ༄



Serving Size = 1/2 tsp = 1g



Quantities available in:



~ resealable air-tight & light-tight bags ~OR~



~ amber glass jars with metal lids






༄ Size Options ༄



50g glass jar = 50 servings in amber glass jar/ metal lid



100g glass jar = 100 servings in recyclable amber glass jar/ metal lid







Contact for bulk & wholesale pricing.

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