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Spagyrics: Alchemical Method of Extracting the Healing Qualities of Plants

Spagyric remedies are intricately crafted using ancient processes that help maintain All beneficial aspects of a plant. Spagyrics are created with highly purified alcohol, yet are different from traditional extracts because they also contain the mineral salts of the plant along with the alcohol soluble constituents. 

A true Spagyric is a combination of the alcohol extracted components and the purified plant salts.

Plant Salts are beneficial because they are yet another aspect of the plant's unique intelligent expression.  By introducing/marrying them with the original extraction we are able to further access the gift of the plant by making use of multiple aspects being offered. These salts are responsible for the structure of the plant as it existed in nature and therefore have a re-structuring quality, thus helping prolong the shelf life of the extract.

Painting of Alchemist in Workshop
“An Alchemist in his Workshop,” by David Teniers II, 17th century

Spagyrics are considered to be the plant-based facet of traditional western alchemy, and can be seen as a pathway to a deeper understanding of the foundational building blocks of All Life.  Alchemy can be defined in simple terms as an action or intention that is implemented to increase value through transformation.  The Alchemical process involves conscious and intentional direction of ones will, and can be seen in all forms of creatively inspired and truly dedicated work involving the transmutation from one thing into that of greater value.  According to traditional Alchemical philosophy, the effective and successful procurement of healing substances is correlated to, and dependent upon, the internal transformation of the individual creating the remedy. 

The external Work and internal Work go hand in hand.

The word Spagyric was coined by Paracelsus (a revolutionary physician from the 16th century), and is derived from two greek words.  The first ‘spao’ means ‘to break apart’, and the second 'gyre' means to ‘recombine.'

Essentially, the Spagyrist is breaking apart the medicinal constituents of an herb, purifying and refining the plant, and recombining the purified aspects in order to create a cohesive and whole structure that fully expresses the energy and integrity of the plant.  This process also involves a proficient understanding of the planetary energies that are occurring at the time of creation, and an awareness of how that may affect the process and final product.

Over time, humans have come to recognize that there is a dance of sympathy, or exchange of energy, occurring between heavenly bodies, plants, and humans.  The creation of a true Spagyric involves a deep connection to, and understanding of this dance. 

Through this careful process of potency preservation, the powerful yet subtle virtues (or expressions) of a plant are maintained and exalted. Life force intelligence remains and is increased. The Spagyric is considered ‘living,’ and in this sense can respond as an adaptogen, having the potential to perpetually meet the needs of an individual through the transference of healing information. In my experience, they have perpetually proven their efficacy in helping to re-balance and re-vitalize the whole system of a human, physical and energetic.

If you would like to learn more about the Spagyric Process, please feel free to read this paper on Spagyric Essences that I wrote for my herbal training with Milagro School of Herbal Medicine.

Wishing you vibrant health and nourishment on All Levels!

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