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Tools for Awakening

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Tonic herbs provide a profound pathway to greater resilience, strength, vitality, mental clarity, and emotional stability. These supreme tonics have been revered for thousands of years for their ability to enhance all aspects of one's being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We can look at the supreme tonics of the world as significant and irreplaceable "Tools for Awakening" because they give us access to enhanced potential within ourselves. When we fortify our bodies and cultivate balanced physical health, by default we will begin to have a clearer mind, more emotional maturity, and healthier, more balanced thought processes. We therefore recognize the tonic herbs as integral components on the path of self development and personal growth. When one is dedicated to personal sovereignty on every level, the importance of maintaining physical vitality is made very clear. The health of our body is fundamental to our inner development, and a vibrantly balanced physical experience will undoubtedly provide a greater capacity to pursue one's deeper calling in life.

Deep down we all know that life is fleeting, that material possessions do not provide lasting fulfillment, and that all humans are seeking a greater meaning in life. At some point in life, we all long to find a deep sense of inner peace, a oneness with all things, a sense of purpose. At Cintamani Tonics, we've personally found that through the mindful daily use of tonic herbs, and the resultant enhanced radiant perception they can provide, we are granted with more understanding, more awareness, greater ease, more present moment peace, and an enhanced connection to the nature of All things.

Tonic herbs are teachers. They are masters, offering ancient messages about gentleness, compassion, balance, giving, and living a life in-tune with nature. Mindfully imbibing a plant teacher is an ancient way to receive nature's profound teachings, and we have been deeply inspired by this long standing herbal heritage. We believe that many of these herbal allies can support our process of Awakening, which includes being present and aware of the needs of this moment, not lost in some past memory or future fear, sleepwalking through life. When we are truly awake, we are alert and simultaneously at ease in each arising moment, living with the flow of life, at one with Nature, God, and the Universe. For it is in this moment, right here, where all our power lies. As humans we have access to an immense potential for presence, gratitude, joy, creativity, compassion, patience, and all the greatness we seek ~ if we are only awake to it.

We welcome you to awaken with us, with these herbal allies by your side. The next time you imbibe an herbal tea or a fresh living plant, we invite you to pause for a moment to deeply feel its essence and intelligence, getting quiet and curious enough to listen for any feelings or messages that may arise. Abiding in communion with the force that creates All Life is one of the greatest gifts that we can receive. Plants are one expression of the Divine, and therefore, direct connection to them can be a legitimate pathway to union with God.

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