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Moringa oliefera: The Miracle Tree

Moringa oliefera is known as 'The Miracle Tree' and 'Natures Medicine Cabinet' because it is immensely nutritional and has an impressive array of uses. Every part of the tree has value, and has been used worldwide for 5,000 years to combat malnutrition, diabetes, malaria, and many other physical challenges and imbalances. The flowers, root, bark, seed pod, and leaves contain a multitude of benefits, and the leaves are considered to be a multi-vitamin in themselves.

Moringa has some of the most nutrient rich leaves on the planet.  They are regularly used to ameliorate severe malnutrition, and have legitimately changed the lives and well-being of many people with limited access to nourishing, clean food.  

These leaves contain a very high amount of protein, around 20% that is fully bioavailable.  They are also high in calcium, beta carotene, and amino acids (arginine and histidine), and contain a complex of different B-vitamins.  Another special thing about the Moringa leaf is that it is an ‘anti-quantum sensor’.  This means that they disrupt the communication abilities of bacteria and viruses, thus preventing them from being able to reproduce and have a detrimental effect on the organism.  How cool!!!  This unique action can be very cleansing and nourishing for the gums and teeth by helping maintain a healthy bacterial environment in the mouth.  The leaves are a powerhouse.

The Moringa seeds are also incredibly noteworthy in their own right.  They provide a nutritious and healing oil that has one of the highest anti-oxidant properties of any oil on the planet.  This seed oil is very moisturizing and contains anti-microbial properties that help soothe and cleanse cuts, burns, rashes, etc.  The seeds also have certain unique constituents that make them capable of turning dirty, unclean water into clean, potable, drinking water.  It has been shown through peer reviewed scientific experimentation that 1 seed can clarify up to 2 liters of water.  The more I learn about the Magic of Moringa, the more I recognize how significantly it can help people all across the planet.

For more information about the uses and potential of Moringa you can visit:

Moringa For Life has created a “ Moringa Growing Standard,” which I feel is leading the way in proper cultivation and processing methods that help Moringa express it’s greatest potential. I have been partnered with this company for 7 years, and these wonderful people are like family to me.  

We currently sell their USA grown, Beyond Organic, Moringa Leaf Powder through Cintamani Tonics.

I am truly grateful for the gift of this plant, and honored for the opportunity to share it's Magic with the world.

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