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  • Tonic Herbs for weight loss?

    Question: "What herb or combination of tonic herbs do you suggest for weight loss?" ~ Herb Answer: At Cintamani Tonics, we feel that “Weight Loss” is a very personal health journey and requires a customized approach that includes diet, exercise, toxin elimination, and supplemental herbal support. We feel that balanced and holistic weight management is the result of fine tuning one’s lifestyle and metabolic habits. Ultimately, attaining a healthy weight is not so much a goal, but a byproduct of balanced living. Healthy ideal weight for an individual's size and constitution is somewhat variable, and is a very personal experience. While everyone's abilities or stage of life may differ, when we are in a healthy weight range, we tend to exhibit healthy vital signs such as balanced blood sugar, healthy cholesterol, and healthy blood pressure. When we are within our ideal weight range, we tend to feel naturally energized, capable of accomplishing our work and daily tasks without strain or discomfort, and we have plenty of energy left over. We tend to sleep better, and experience fewer aches and pains in general because we are not experiencing the chronic inflammation so often associated with toxic lifestyles. We also tend to experience fewer health challenges on the whole, because our body is efficiently processing energy, and our elimination pathways are clear. Efficient elimination allows us to detox daily all the environmental toxins we encounter, as well as the naturally occurring cellular wastes that accumulate from metabolic processes. At Cintamani, we believe that attaining a healthy weight is not so much a goal, but a byproduct of balanced living. For supporting full-body harmony, including balanced weight, we suggest these healthy lifestyle commitments: 1) Eliminate environmental toxins such as chlorine in tap water, and toxic chemicals in foods and body products. It's also important to eliminate foods that break down into cellular toxins that can strain the body’s detoxification pathways. Some of the foods to avoid include: excess caffeine, processed sugar, GMO’s, pesticide treated or irradiated foods, processed food additives, and excess alcohol. Dairy and hybridized wheat may also negatively affect some people, clogging up the elimination pathways. 2) Support healthy metabolism through conscious food and drink choices. We suggest a diet of nutrient dense whole foods (not processed) that are rich in protein (essential amino acids), as well as healthy essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibers. Notice there’s no such thing as an “essential carbohydrate” that we must consume in order to get energy. Energy (Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP) can be obtained from proteins, fats, and carbs. However, a diet low in carbs will require the body to work a little harder to get ATP energy from proteins, healthy fats, or stored fats. This is one way of adjusting metabolism, and possibly utilizing excess body fat as energy. 3) Support the body's elimination pathways with cleansing herbs and supplements. Healthy detoxification and elimination are the foundations for many other biological processes. If the liver is backed up with toxins, it cannot adequately digest foods nor fulfill all the important hormonal needs of the rest of the body. Since everyone is unique, some herbs may be more supportive than others. Some people need extra vitamin C or glutathione to support healthy liver function. Some people need more fiber in their diets and some people would benefit from digestive enzymes or probiotics, depending on their unique digestive health. Here’s a list of some tonic herbs that can be taken daily to support detoxification, elimination, and healthy metabolism: * Shilajit- #1 cellular detoxifier. Overall energy tonic & hormone balancer. * Green Tea - Supports metabolism & elimination. Can be an appetite suppressant. * Poria - Deeply nourishing & beautifying tonic for the whole body. Moves Qi, clears dampness & reduces water retention in the middle jiao. * White Peony - Frees up stored energy & moves Liver Qi, clears heat & dampness in combination with Poria. * Cordyceps m. - Natural energy booster and enhances cellular efficiency of ATP use. * Moringa - Amazing all-over tonic supports healthy metabolism, balanced blood sugar levels, and can help reduce the common food cravings people have when they start a new diet because it’s so deeply nourishing - Moringa can fill in the nutritional gaps that often make people crave processed junk foods. Every Body is Unique If you're seeking a more personalized approach to creating inner balance and healthy weight management, you might be interested in a Customized Tonic Formula to support your unique needs. Our Certified Herbalist, DJ Ankenbrandt, is also available for holistic Herbal Consultations to help you find your way forward on your unique path to wellness. #weightloss #naturalweightloss #weightmanagement #herbsforweight #herbsforweightloss

  • Pure Fruiting Body Mushrooms vs. Freeze Dried Mycelium

    Don't be fooled by the all the freeze dried mycelium hype out there... While mycelium extracts of some species (most notably Lion's Mane) have been shown to contain potent concentrations of specific compounds, they are not capable of offering the full-spectrum nourishment provided by Pure Fruiting Body Mushrooms! (1) What are Pure Fruiting Body Mushroom Extracts? The mature fruit bodies of mushrooms are the above ground parts ~ the reproductive structures that the mushroom makes to spread it's spores. When you let mushrooms grow to their fullest potential, you allow them to produce the complete expression of their innate intelligence. Just as Ginseng grows more potent as it ages, most mature mushroom fruits contain higher concentrations of beneficial polysaccharides & antioxidants than the immature mycelium. (2) For thousands of years people have been cooking or tincturing medicinal mushrooms to extract the water-soluble & alcohol-soluble compounds, as the tough chitinous structures of most raw mushroom fruits are not easily digestible by humans. Here at Cintamani, we continue these traditions, extracting both the alcohol & water soluble constituents, and then evaporating the solvents, leaving an instantly water-soluble extract. This easy-to-use powdered concentrate can be added to hot water for an instant tea, broth, or blended into other foods & beverages. Our extracts are incredibly potent. Every 1 kilo of powdered extract contains the medicinal concentrates of 10 kilos of mature mushrooms fruits! And all our Dual Extracts have been standardized to contain at least 30% polysaccharides, making them some of the most potent available on the market. What is Freeze Dried Mycelium? In recent years, we have seen many top companies switch from selling fruiting body mushroom powders or extracts to instead selling freeze dried mycelium powders. So exactly what is freeze dried mycelium, and why have producers chosen this method of production & preservation? Mycelium is the underground part of mushrooms ~ the digestive organ of the mushroom mass. Its microscopic cellular fibers branch out into the soil (or wood, or whatever the substrate is), and digest the nutrients in the substrate as the mushroom grows. In commercial mushroom cultivation, the substrate is typically grains. This "myceliated grain" looks a lot like tempeh ... the grain (rice, sorghum, millet, etc) is slowly consumed by a thin layer of mushroom mycelium, actively digesting the nutrients, turning them into more mycelium and eventually fruiting bodies. As you might imagine, it takes time and sterile growing conditions to successfully produce fruiting bodies from the myceliated grain. Crops can fail with even a hint of contamination. So many commercial producers have decided that instead of taking the time and resources needed to grow mushrooms all the way through to the fruiting stage, they simply dry and powder this mostly undigestible "tempeh" and sell it. So while people think they are paying for a powerful mushroom tonic, they are actually paying top-dollar for partially fermented grain with a little bit of mushroom mycelium mixed in. While this may be 'efficient' from a business standpoint, and many of these companies have funded their own studies espousing the benefits of these powders, dried mycelium has still not been clinically proven to be the most efficacious way to assimilate the powerful immunological intelligence of mushrooms. Have you ever eaten raw tempeh? Probably not, as we know that it's largely indigestible until thoroughly cooked. Some companies have turned to freeze drying, as it's an effective way to preserve the delicate antioxidants in fresh, ready-to-eat foods. However, it does not drastically improve the digestibility of chitinous foods like mushrooms. (3) What's more is that the concentrations of beneficial constituents can be quite low in these mycelium products. In contrast to 10:1 extracts, most mycelium powders are not concentrated or extracted in any way. So they don't pack the same potency as extracts that deliver 10x the concentration of beneficial compounds. While they appear to be more affordable than fruiting body extracts, you're often paying for a lot of grain & less of the active ingredients you seek. So while mycelium extracts may be a more affordable way to get your daily dose of mushrooms, you may need to take a lot more of them to get the same therapeutic effects. And if your digestion is compromised in any way, you may not even be able to assimilate much of what you consume! The Cintamani Difference Here at Cintamani, we are committed to providing the most pure, potent, and therapeutic herbal remedies we can find. We will not cut corners, and will continue to offer you the same quality and potency we would offer to our own families. Despite supply disruptions, will continue to honor the ancient herbal wisdom of our lineage, over the hype of profit-driven fads. We remain dedicated to protecting the healing traditions of indigenous cultures, while seeking out evidence in modern science to support this ancient plant wisdom. We may be extremely discerning, even picky, to some. However, we pray that our discernment translates into real results for our clients, not just success for our business. Have you benefited directly from our Pure Fruiting Body Mushroom Dual Extracts? Let us know! We'd love to hear from discerning clients like you! Cited Works: 1) Array of Metabolites in Italian Hericium erinaceus Mycelium, Primordium, and Sporophore. Rossi, Corana, et al. 2) Mass Spectrometry-Based Untargeted Metabolomics and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity of Lingzhi (Ganoderma lingzhi) During the Developmental Stages. Shimizu, Satria, et al. 3) Effects of Various Drying Methods on Some Physico-Chemical Properties and the Antioxidant Profile and ACE Inhibition Activity of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus Ostreatus). Kurchenko, Piskov, et al. ༄ #CintamaniTonics #hydroethanolic #extractions #fullspectrum #betaglucans #waterextract #alcoholextract #polysaccharides #instantteas #justaddwater #plantwisdom #mycelium #myceliumextract #fruitbody #antiviral #turkeytail #antiviral #mushroommycelium #freezedriedmycelium #immunemodulating #organicallygrown #wildcrafted #medicinalmushroom #powderedextracts

  • Turkey Tail: Immune Tonic for Our Times

    Turkey Tail, Trametes versicolor, is a powerful immunomodulator, and one of the few Tonic Herbs that is helpful to take throughout the duration of a cold or flu. Many herbalists warn against using Tonics while you are sick as some Tonic Herbs can “tonify” the illness. Meaning they can help you feel better and power through, instead of naturally feeling awful, and sleeping for days. This concern is similar to the “symptom suppression” phenomenon that is so common in western medicine and most over-the-counter cold remedies. However, Turkey Tail is a valuable herb we should all have in our apothecaries! Taking Turkey Tail throughout a cold or flu can support natural killer cells and fortify the immune system to better fight off microbes and cleanse the body of mutated cells. Turkey Tail in Asian Traditions In China, Turkey Tail is known as Yun Zhi, the raincloud mushroom. The Ancient Taoist Herbalists prized this mushroom. Seeing it growing on pine trees, they believed it conveyed the longevity and rejuvenating qualities of these evergreens. It's seen as a Yang Tonic, able to collect the Yang energies from the tree roots. It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase circulation, clearing heat and dampness, making it helpful in relieving fever sweats that so often accompany the flu or other viral infections. It's considered sweet, and slightly warming, entering the spleen and heart meridians, and is used to dispel infections and inflammation from the respiratory, urinary, and digestive tracts. It's also taken as a daily longevity tonic to increase overall immunity, digestion, energy and stamina (1). Turkey Tail in Modern Medicine The prevalence of Turkey Tail in Asian herbal traditions has led to it becoming one of the most studied mushrooms in Asia. Extracts of Turkey Tail have been found to act directly on cancer cells, and enhance the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. In fact, a potent dual extract of its long-chain sugar, known as Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP & PSK), has been prescribed as an anti-cancer drug in Japan since the 1960's and is covered by all Japanese healthcare plans. Despite it's proven efficacy and safety in Japan, the FDA has still not approved PSK as a "clinical cancer treatment" in the USA, and no major health plans cover its costs. Meanwhile, the research reveals the anti-tumoral actions of Turkey Tail to be many layered. PSK effectively reduces cancer metastasis by inhibiting tumor invasion, adhesion, and production of cell-degrading enzymes. It directly suppresses the tumor cell's ability to attach to endothelial cells, limiting mobility, and simultaneously suppresses growth within the tumor (1). And several other studies have found that complementary use of PSK alongside standard Chemotherapy increased survival rates of patients (2). Turkey Tails also exhibits powerful antiviral actions. Turkey Tail Extracts have been effective against influenza virus and herpes simplex viruses in cell cultures (3). Other studies show it can inhibit HIV, either by modifying the viral receptor, or preventing HIV from bonding to lymphocytes (1). Another study found Turkey Tail extracts to produce a 35% average increase in natural killer cells within patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (4). And other evidence exist that Trametes versicolor offers antioxidative, antifungal, and anti-neurodegenerative activities (5). This tiny forest Pharmacy is one of the most common mushrooms in North American woods. You can find its colorful ringed top (and velvety pure white underside) virtually anywhere there are dead hardwood logs and stumps, occasionally, on conifer wood too. Note that true Turkey Tails always have a pored underside that is pure white to off white. There are several look-alikes that are much flimsier and rings are visible on the underside. Turkey Tail: A Tonic for Our Times Turkey Tail mushrooms are a helpful ally for living in these modern times wrought with pollution and toxicity. They are a potent antiviral and antitumoral with prebiotics that can promote healthy gut flora. Medicinal mushrooms are like soil amendments for our microbiome. They help us to create a diverse inner ecosystem that can adapt to change and resist disease naturally. If you don’t have these colorful fungi growing near you, we offer potent and pure extracts of pristinely clean mushrooms. Our Turkey Tail Dual Extract is made from Beyond Organic pure fruiting body mushrooms and standardized to contain at least 30% polysaccharides for greatest therapeutic benefit. We like to add the potentiating effects of naturally antiviral Shilajit to our Turkey Tail teas for a powerfully harmonizing daily tonic that supports natural immune intelligence. Cited Works: 1) Robert Rogers: The Fungal Pharmacy, p. 405. 2) Mendel Friedman: Mushroom Polysaccharides: Chemistry and Antiobesity, Antidiabetes, Anticancer, and Antibiotic Properties in Cells, Rodents, and Humans. PMCID: PMC5302426 3) Krupodorova T. et al: Antiviral activity of Basidiomycete mycelia against influenza type A (serotype H1N1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 in cell culture. 4) Robert Rogers: The Fungal Pharmacy, p. 406. 5) Aleksandar Knežević et al: Antioxidative, antifungal, cytotoxic and antineurodegenerative activity of selected Trametes species from Serbia. PMCID: PMC6118373 ༄ #CintamaniTonics #hydroethanolic #extractions #fullspectrum #betaglucans #waterextract #alcoholextract #polysaccharides #instantteas #justaddwater #plantwisdom #coriolusversicolor #trametesversicolor #Shilajit #antiviral #turkeytailmushrooms #turkeytail #antitumoral #prebiotics #gutflora #micrbiome #immunemodulating #organicallygrown #wildcrafted #medicinalmushroom #powderedextracts

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  • Wild American Shilajit | Cintamani Tonics | USA

    pristine mountain minerals wildcrafted in the usa What is Shilajit? American Shilajit?! History in Ayurveda Lab Analyses Wild American Shilajit ​ Supreme Adaptogen ༄ Qi Tonic ༄ Ionic Minerals This rare mineral essence is refined from a fulvic acid rich Mineral Pitch wildcrafted from pristine mountains in North America. Handmade in small batches and expertly purified, our Wild American Shilajit provides a unique spectrum of natural ionic minerals, triterpenes, antioxidants, and other micronutrients in a super bioavailable form. Our fully water-soluble & nutrient-dense formula is a supreme longevity tonic offering 22% Fulvic Acid and trace minerals in a highly bioavailable form. We proudly use low temperature processing methods, ultra-fine purification, and independent batch testing to ensure ultimate purity and integrity. ​ Wild American Shilajit is the Essence of the Americas, providing a wealth of unique micronutrients for vitality, Longevity, and resilience. Long revered for its supremely revitalizing and adaptogenic properties, Shilajit is recognized as one of the most nourishing and life enhancing substances on Earth. In Ayurveda, it is called the “Destroyer of Weakness,” and is honored globally as a Tonic of the highest order. Liquid Wild American Shilajit Solution Price $55.00 Resin Wild American Shilajit Mineral Resin Price $40.00 Savings Set! 2 Bottle Set: Wild American Shilajit Solution Regular Price $110.00 Sale Price $99.00 Savings Set! Bulk Wild American Shilajit Resin Regular Price $210.00 Sale Price $195.00 Savings Set! Solution + Resin: Wild American Shilajit Savings Set Regular Price $95.00 Sale Price $85.50 Savings Set! Fortify + Shilajit Resin: Immunity Savings Set Regular Price $95.00 Sale Price $85.50 Savings Set! Shilajit + Fortify: Immunity Savings Set with Solution Regular Price $110.00 Sale Price $99.00 ​ Pristinely Purified Low Temperature Processed 22% Fulvic Acid 1% Humic Acid Full Spectrum Minerals Adaptogenic Detox Support Mineral Resin Potent and concentrated with thick, honey-like consistency Mineral Solution Easy-to-use liquid contains 6g of Resin in each 30ml bottle One of the Greatest Discoveries in Modern American Herbalism Shilajit is a traditional tonic of India, employed as a panacea by Ayurvedic and Tibetan doctors for over 2,600 years. Shilajit is known the world over by many names, including Mumijo in Russia, and Wu Ling Zhi in China. It is typically found oozing from rocks of high elevation mountain ranges, once vaulted out of ancient sea beds through compression and subduction. Shilajit has been found in many locations globally, even some parts of South America recently; however, the majority of Shilajit on the market is exported from the Himalayas. ​ Mineral Pitch has not been widely used in the Americas until only very recently, so most Shilajit enthusiasts had no idea that it could be found here. Our Wildcrafter actually stumbled u