Cordyceps militaris Hot Water Extract ~ Pure Fruiting Body

Cordyceps militaris Hot Water Extract ~ Pure Fruiting Body


Beyond Organic Cordyceps militaris Pure Fruiting Body Hot Water Extract ~ 30% Polysaccharides min.

Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris)

Beyond Organic Pure Fruiting Body
Hot Water Extract Standardized to 30% Polysaccharide Content


༄ Qi Tonic ༄

~ May Enhance stamina, endurance, and ATP production

~ Rich in anitoxidants that support longevity

~ Respiratory system support

~ Known Immune modulator with antimutagenic properties

~ Nourish the brain and supports the nervous system

~ May counteract depression


This premium Cordyceps militaris is Beyond Organically grown in a laboratory on a substrate of organic grain. Unlike many other Cordyceps mycelium extracts on the market, our extract is made from only the pure fruiting body mushrooms to acheive the highest concentration of beneficial constituents. A Hot Water Extraction process is used to concentrate and purify the water-soluble contituents. The herb matter is removed and the water is then evaporated, leaving only the fully soluble medicinal compounds. This super potent extract is standardized to contain no less than 30% Polysaccharides, ensuring quality and consistency.


༄ Cordyceps militaris Uses and Benefits ༄
Cordyceps are a truly unique fungi which strengthens the immune system and maximizes the uptake of oxygen, helping to increase stamina and endurance.  For this reason it is often recognized as an athletes herb, and many olympians of Asia have attributed their victories to this special mushroom. Cordyceps are believed to help improve kidney and lung function, strengthen lung immunity, and to have a positive effect on vitality and longevity.  In Classical Chinese Medicine they are considered a premium Qi and lung tonic.  Cordyceps is the only natural source for Cordycepin, a known cancer inhibitor and antidepressant. Studies have shown that laboratory grown cordyceps have similar qualities and benefits when compared to the original wild version.  However, Cordyceps militaris actually provides 90 times more Cordycepin than wild Cordyceps sinensis.  Cordyceps are also a rich source for antioxidants, helping to improve memory and sexual function.  Cordyceps are getting increasingly well known and sought after because of their immense ability to increase overall energy and vitality, reducing oxidative stress and promoting a long, healthy life.


༄ Starting dosage is 1/4 tsp (about 1 gram)

༄ Suggested Use ༄

To brew an instant tonic tea, mix 1/4 to 1/2 tsp into warm or hot water and enjoy!



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