Cintamani Formulations | Set of 3 Formulas, 50g Each


Choose 3 Cintamani Formulations: Fortify, Radiant Jewel, Vitalize, or Luminous

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Set of 3 Cintamani Formulations for 1 Discounted Price.

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Set includes 150g of tasty Tonic Teas!


Choose 3 of these 4 delicious Tonic Blends:

~ Fortify Immune Tonic

~ Radiant Jewel Three Treasures Tonic

~ Vitalize Adapt & Energize Tonic

~ Luminous Clear Mind Tonic


༄ Fortify ༄

6 Mushrooms Instant Tonic Tea
Fortify is a powerful mushroom immunity blend intended to strengthen your defenses and enhance overall immune function in a balanced and comprehensive way. These herbs have long been recognized for their vitalizing qualities and are now showing profound promise in clinical immunotherapy research.

Medicinal Mushrooms have been used by the Tonic Herbalists for thousands of years, and have now been extensively studied for their immunoprotective abilities. Fortify combines six of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms in extremely potent 10:1 powdered extract form. By far our best selling formula, this blend is a staple for promoting year round wellness. Medicinal mushrooms have been shown to be safe and effective for people of all ages, and are especially helpful for those who struggle with auto-immune challenges, decreased immunity (due to antibiotic resistance), and lowered immunity from environmental toxins.


༄ Radiant Jewel ༄

Three Treasures Instant Tonic Tea
Radiant Jewel is a comprehensive and balanced formula that replenishes and nourishes all Three Treasures of Jing, Qi, and Shen. The herbs in this blend are used to tonify the kidneys, strengthen the bones, improve flexibility, support the adrenals, fortify immunity, support digestion, increase energy levels, enhance brain function, and nourish the spirit.


This blend is perfect for maintaining wellness in all seasons, through all kinds of life circumstances and stresses. It is a great way to get the best of what Cintamani Tonics offers in one simple yet powerful blend. These nourishing herbs are perfect for anyone seeking a balanced longevity tonic that harmonizes all aspects of the being: Jing (foundation), Chi (energy), and Shen (spirit).


༄ Vitalize ༄

Adapt & Energize Tonic Tea
Vitalize deeply nourishes foundational tissues and energy levels. Packed full of adaptogens and chi tonics, hese herbs are known to improve blood oxygenation, build muscle, increase flexibility, strengthen bones, and help the body adapt to extreme conditions.

This is the perfect blend for athletes, physically strenuous occupations, or big life changes that require more energy resources and efficient adaptation to stressful circumstances. Cordyceps, Rhodiola, and Eleuthero are 3 of the 8 major adaptogens, and work with the body to promote balance and homeostasis, helping us to adapt to stress and extreme conditions. Cordyceps and Rhodiola in particular help increase the bodies ability to absorb oxygen. Morinda, Eucommia, and Safed Musli are powerful structural tonics, helping the body respond to physical challenge and repair itself. Many of these herbs also have the added benefit of regulating and tonifying energy levels.


༄ Luminous ༄

Clear Mind Tonic Tea

Luminous is a unique formulation of nootropics and Chinese Shen Tonics that promote states of peace and calm in the body, mind, and spirit. These herbs are known to enhance brain function, improve memory, support proper sleep, reduce anxiety, deepen meditation practices, and increase awareness.

Now with Albizia Flower, a highly revered Shen tonic and anxiolytic with calming and uplifting actions. This blend is perfect for students, meditation practitioners, cerebral occupations and jobs that require extreme mental concentration, people who struggle with insomnia or nightmares, as well as aging adults wanting to support brain health and neuron regeneration. If taken regularly for a matter of months, it may even help support women through premenstrual syndrome and some of the mood swings that accompany hormonal changes.


༄ Servings Per Container ༄

Serving size = 1/2 tsp = 1g

Each jar = 50 grams = 50 servings

3 jars = 150g = up to 150 servings total


༄ Suggested Use ༄

To brew an instant tonic tea, mix 1/4 to 1/2 tsp into warm or hot water and enjoy!


༄ Potency and Purity ༄
All Cintamani Formulations are made from Beyond Organically Grown 10:1 hot water extracts. Most medicinal mushrooms in the Cintamani Formulations are Beyond Organically Grown 10:1 Dual Extracts (Hydroethanolic Extractions) that have been standardized to 30% Polysaccharide content. Our herbs have been 3rd party lab tested for purity. As wellness practitioners, we are committed to offering only the highest quality herbs to our clients and family.


༄ Beyond Organic Ingredients ༄

༄ FORTIFY ~ 10:1 Powdered Extracts of:
*Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), *Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus), *Chaga (Inonotus obliquus), *Turkey Tail (Coriolus versacolor), *Cordyceps militaris, Agaricus blazei, Astragalus, Schisandra, Chen Pi, and Licorice.
* = Dual Extracted (Hydroethanolic) Pure Fruiting Body Mushrooms

༄ RADIANT JEWEL ~ 10:1 Powdered Extracts of:
*Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), *Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus), He Shou Wu, Rehmannia, Eucommia, Astragalus, Dendrobium, Red Asparagus, Goji, Schisandra, Licorice.

༄ VITALIZE ~ 10:1 Powdered Extracts of:
American Ginseng, Eleuthero, Cordyceps militaris, Rhodiola, Codonopsis, *Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Astragalus, Eucommia, Morinda, Schisandra, Goji, Licorice.

༄ LUMINOUS ~ 10:1 Powdered Extracts of:

* Lion's Mane, *Reishi, Poria (Fu Shen), Polygala, Albizia, Tremella, Red Asparagus, Mulberry, Shisandra, Longan, Licorice.

* Pure Fruiting Body Mushroom Dual Extracts.


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