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CNNP 7572 2000’ Shou Cha

CNNP 7572 2000’ Shou Cha


CNNP 7572 2000’ Shou Cha

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CNNP 7572 2000' Shou Cha ~ Menghai Tea Factory

Puerh Tea (Camellia sinensis)


༄ Yin Tonic ༄

This 23-year old Shou Cha is legitimately one of the best puerh teas we've ever tasted, at the best value, and is the most inexpensive puerh that Cintamani Tonic's offers. If you’re fortunate to cycle this into your tea drinking repertoire, you will see what we mean.


This tea from 2000' conveys notes of “ginseng fragrance” which naturally rise from the leaves due to the initial leaf quality & subsequent skilled fermentation tactics.  This tea originates from the well-known ‘7572’ runs done by the famous Menghai Factory.


"Shou" Puerhs are green teas that have been intentionally ripened through a process of fermentation that changes the look and energetic qualities of the tea. Shou Puerhs tend to produce rich, dark earthy broths with little to no bitterness nor astrigency. Energetically, they tonify Yin, can be cooling in nature, and can move stagnant Qi. 


༄ Beyond Organic Ingredients ༄

Ripe (Mature) Premium Yunnan Tea Leaves (Camellia sinensis) 

༄ Suggested Use ༄

8 - 15 grams

Puerh teas are generally brewed in small yi-xing tea pots with rapid steepings, utilizing boiling water. The short & frequent steepings prevent the tea from brewing too strongly, and creates an enjoyable tea drinking journey that allows one to taste the different qualities of the tea from start to finish. 

Rapid Steeping Suggestions:

1. Place 8 - 15 grams of tea in a tea pot with a lid. 

2. Rinse the tea breifly once or twice, to remove dust, then discard the rinse water, ideally into a plant that you love. The rinsing also helps open the tea leaves for the delicous following steepings. We've found that 7572 is best after 2 rinses.

3. Now that the tea has opened up and is ready to brew, fill the tea pot with boiling water and immediately pour the tea into a decanter. This is the rapid steeping method. Fill the tea cups & enjoy!

4. Repeat this fast steeping style, each time brewing for 5-30 seconds, according to your taste. Most Puerhs can be rapid steeped 10-20 times, and still continue to produce delicious flavors.


༄ Sizes Available ༄

50 grams

100 grams

200 grams


༄ Retail Price ༄

$0.7 / gram

Contact for bulk & wholesale pricing.

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